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Food grade drinking water minerals in Chennai



Food grade drinking water minerals in india

Magnesium sulfate commonly called as Mag-sulfa is an inorganic chemical compound that contains magnesium, sulfur and oxygen, having chemical formula as MgSO4. It is most commonly found in the form of MgSO4.7H2O which is also called Epsom. It is used as a nutrient additives, firming agent and flavor enhancer. It serves to be a fermentation aid in the processing of beer and malt beverages. Additionally it exhibit as a nutrient used primarily in salt-replaces products, dietary supplements, carbonated diet soft drink beverages, sports drinks and fortified water beverages.

  • Features:

  •  Serves to be nutrient additives.

  •  A good firming agent.

  •  Used as a processing aids in beverages.

Magnesium sulphate food grade
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